2022 Memorial Remembrance

For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven.
A time to be born and a time to die, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to grieve and a time to dance.
Now is our time to remember those who have preceded us across the river into the land of eternal joy.
They were the ones who nurtured and taught and encouraged us.
Lord, make us more like the good that was in them, wiser through their gifts to us, that as long as we live, their good influence will live through us, as does the redeeming power of Christ our Lord.

Doris Aderholt
Eleanor Anderson
Mary Brand
Bonny Campbell
James Clark
Linda Coombs
Emily Crowe
Ola Cunningham
Ben Garner
Serita Gillespie
Angie Golmon
Albert Gregory
Janice Hairston
Jerry Hale
Elizabeth Hanks
Gretchen Hargrove
Joe Hinkle
Tom Hudson
Gary Insko
Geraldine Kay
Florrie Lawton
Mary Sue Lockard
Teresa Malone
Gladys McCollum
Mae Mull
Lorina Murphy
Nancy Nail
Mary Penney
Bill Peter
Sarah Sue Phillips
Lee Powers
Willene Roberts
Barbara Robertson
Regina Rollins
Joyce Sanders
Sam Satterfield
Inez Scott
Joy Love Scott
Harold S Smith
Pat Still
Lois Strickland
James Stubblefield
David Swafford
Mary Taulman
Jerry Terrell
Maria Warren
Maude Webster
Henry White
William Young
Aubrey House

        Photos Not Available

        Mary Brady                 03/092/2

        Mary Barnes               12/15/22

        Nancy Brown              07/21/22

        Joetta Carroll              10/14/22

        Janet Crossnoe            03/22/22

        Eloise Dale                 07/17/22

        Anthony Fields           04/26/22

        John Ford                    12/24/22

        Ivan Hatfield               02/11/22

        Daryl Heath                10/21/22

        Jewel Jackson             12/25/22

        Lynnetta Kelso           10/18/22

        Leonard Knight           01/15/22

        Moya Leo                   02/20/22

        Lorelle McGhee          07/30/22

        Betty Redding             09/22/22

        Betty Smith                 09/09/22

        Shirley Standridge      03/02/22

        Opal Stone                  03/24/22

        Nancy Taylor              01/21/22

        Mary Jo Valle             07/05/22

        Dorothy Wilson          07/10/22

        Leltus Wilson             08/17/22

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