Retiree Spotlight, Spring 2022

Linda Lawson Still

A Life of Service to Others

Linda Lawson Still

Linda began her career with Baptist Sunday School Board on April 1, 1970 as an editor in the Sunday School Department. In five years, she moved to the Office of Communications where she served for 25 years until retirement on February 1, 2002

Active in community service found Linda on the Board for the Maryland Farms YMCA, member of the Tennessee Baptist Executive Board (2008-2014) and supporting American Red Cross blood drives.

Linda and Patrick (her husband) are committed to serving others They helped start Clearview Baptist Church, Franklin (1980s) where she teaches a Bible study class since early 1990s, serves on the Personnel Team, and participates on several mission trips. Patrick supported a Russian translator (Maria Peek) in coming to United States and attending graduate school. Maria graduated and married and is like family to Linda and Patrick.

Linda spends her time now as primary care giver to husband, Pat, who has developed a form of dementia.  

Surely, Linda has a life of encouraging and serving others. Well done, faithful servant.

“I try to make encouraging others a priority. I can’t vouch for my effectiveness. Perhaps others can.”

Linda Lawson Still

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